Policy Opportunities

Companies often use lobbying to position themselves before a shift in public policy or, to fend off challenges to their business model.
“Rent Seeking” is not a traditional factor accounted for in investment analysis and
can positively impact corporate profits via changes in public policy.

New Sovereigns

Aggressive "beggar thy neighbor" monetary policy has pushed the yield of sovereign credit to multi-cycle lows;
in some instances these rates globally have gone negative. The concomitant currency debasement has eroded the relative "safety" premium relative to equities, creating an opportunity for an alternative.

Dividend Growth

The scarcity of yield from conventional sources and the increasingly lofty valuations has created a need for a more nuanced approach to dividend investing. Companies scoring well by dividend yield and dividend growth have, independently, produced the strongest risk-adjusted returns. Together they are the powerful source of total return.

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Nov'19 Grabinski

Growth Bottoming, Approaching A Trade Truce, Small-Caps

In this week’s Highlights, Ryan Grabinski suggests there are signs global growth may be bottoming, a trade “deal” may be approaching, and small caps are gaining traction.
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Nov'19 Grabinski

Economy Still Weakening But Policymakers Active, Impeachment, Signs Point Toward Risk-On

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