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Sep'22 Nicholas Bohnsack More

Underweight Equities

The macro landscape is messy. Many of the items on the laundry list of uncertainty have been uncertain for so long that they have been roundly discounted – both in price and in mindshare.

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Sep'22 Jerry Hendricks More

Built to Last or House of Cards?

With the S&P 500 surging almost 19% off the mid-June lows, only to turn around and give over 10% back, confusion abounds as to the direction of the next trend: up or down. Call it glass half full versus glass half empty, optimism versus pessimism, or any other analogy you want – most investors are at a crossroads

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Sep'22 Todd Sohn More

Bond Bear Market Continues

With August concluding, it’s now been 25 months since the Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index scored a new all-time high – the longest streak since data inception in 1976